Friday, August 6, 2010

July jobless rate remains unchanged at 9.5%

Manufacturing sector continues to expand, however, adding 36,000 jobs during the month

The U.S. jobless rate remained unchanged at 9.5% in July as employers continued to add workers at a slow pace, the Labor Department reported Friday.

Private-sector employers added a net total of 71,000 jobs in July. But overall, the economy lost a net total of 131,000 jobs during the month, as 143,000 temporary census jobs ended. In all, 14.6 million people were looking for work in July, roughly double the figure in December 2007, when the recession began.

So far in 2010, private sector employment has risen by 630,000, although nearly two-thirds of that growth occurred in March and April.

The manufacturing sector continued to grow, however, as employers added 36,000 jobs during the month. Most of the gains were in motor vehicles and parts, which experienced fewer seasonal layoffs than normal in July, adding 21,000 jobs. During the first six months of the year, motor vehicles and parts added 32,000 jobs. In addition, the fabricated metals industry added 9,000 jobs in July. Overall, manufacturing employment has expanded by 183,000 since December 2009.

Construction employment changed little in July, down 11,000 jobs; 10,000 construction workers were off payrolls due to strike activity, the Labor Department reported.

Employment in the wholesale trade sector grew by about 8,000 jobs in July.

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