Thursday, October 7, 2010

BlackHawk buys Duncan Industrial Solutions

It is the first of many expected acquisitions for BlackHawk Industrial Distribution

BlackHawk Industrial Distribution of Tulsa and Brazos Private Equity Partners of Dallas have purchased Oklahoma-based Duncan Industrial Solutions.

BlackHawk is a new company formed by Bill Scheller former CEO of ORS Nasco. Duncan Industrial, a distributor of industrial supplies and equipment, is the company's first acquisition

"Duncan has demonstrated strong performance since it was founded in 1948 and will continue to operate its business in the same fashion going forward,” Scheller said. "Our commitment to Duncan's strategic plan, customers, suppliers, employees and business model will continue to be the foundation upon which we grow our business.”

Duncan has about 160 employees in seven states. The headquarters will remain in Oklahoma City.

"I want to build a national player,” Scheller said. "Duncan is an industrial distributor with deep relationships with its customers.”
Blackhawk will be looking to acquire other companies.

The acquisition of Duncan Industrial by BlackHawk will mean an acceleration of the strategic plan developed by the management team. The focus will be to rapidly grow the business into new market segments, new product categories and new geographical areas.

Blackhawk and Duncan have reportedly identified a pipeline of additional opportunities for growth through acquisitions.

Brazos Private Equity Partners is a middle-market private equity group based in Dallas, TX who partners with individuals, such as Bill Scheller, to invest in companies like BlackHawk and Duncan.

Scheller, the CEO of BlackHawk Industrial, has almost 30 years of experience in the distribution sector, including serving as president and CEO of ORS Nasco.

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