Monday, May 17, 2010

A rough year for building material suppliers

2009 was not just a bad year for suppliers of building materials. It was a horrible year in which sales for the biggest suppliers in the industry dropped a group-wide 24 percent, according to ProSales magazine's 100 Report for 2010. Click for full story. Ninety companies posted declines in sales and 39 dropped 25 percent or more.

At the 50 biggest companies that responded to both last year's and this year's ProSales 100 survey, total payroll count dropped by 14,082 to reach 54,636 workers, according to the magazine. That's a 20.5% decline, and it comes on top of about 20,000 workers cut by the top 50 companies that took part in both the 2009 and 2008 ProSales 100. Among the biggest reductions were Stock Building Supply (down 54% in sales, 68% in personnel) and BMC Select, the former Building Materials Holding Corp. (down 46% in sales, 51% in staff). Both Stock and BMC spent time last year reorganizing under Chapter 11 and emerging as slimmer, more focused companies, ProSales reported.


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